Johan Suup


Born 1967. CEO of Hybricon since February 2017


Johan has worked in developing and manufacturing technical force delivered to the Automotive, Aerospace, Power mm. Most recently as Marketing and Sales Director of A Technology Group and before that ten years as CEO of Duroc AB's subsidiaries. Johan has a quality and production background that over the years has become more market-oriented. Master of Engineering in Mechanical production.

Suup holds 70 000 shares in Hybricon.


Phone. +46 (0) 70 533 37 06

E-mail. johan.suup (a)

Suups office address is Sågverksgatan 10, SE-913 31 Holmsund, Sweden.

Dennis N Jensen


Born 1963. CFO of Hybricon since March 2015.


Jensen has a Master of Arts degree with a major in accounting and cost-benefit analysis from the University of Umeå. Jensen has previously held, among others, the following positions; Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Thor AB (2011-2015), CFO DCAP Sweden AB (2005-2011) and CFO Daydream Sofware AB (publ) (2000-2005). Jensen has extensive experience and knowledge, especially in accounting and finance. Jensen has also held board positions in Astar AB (2013 – 2015), Thoren Innovation School AB (2013 – 2015) and Daydream Software AB (publ) (2004-2005).

Jensen holds 5600 shares in Hybricon.


Phone. +46 (0)70 573 22 78

E-mail. dennis.jensen(a)

Jensens office is at Sågverksgatan 10, SE-913 31 Holmsund, Sweden.

Peter Norrman


Född 1967. COO of Hybricon since December 2015.


Norrman has training in automotive technology and higher management from the Chamber of Commerce and Executive people, business development and training in personal leadership of LMI. Norrman has for some 10 years worked as CEO of a manufacturing and logistics companies in the automotive industry, working with marketing and sales in the EU. Norrman has the last four years worked as head of production at Lantmännen in Mälardalen and  Holmsund.

Norrman holds 5600 shares in Hybricon Bus System


Phone. +46 (0)70 533 19 34

E-mail. peter.norrman(a)

Norrman’s office is at Sågverksgatan 10, SE-913 31 Holmsund, Sweden.

The senior executives have not entered into any agreements with the Company for benefits after the appointment is ended.

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