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Hybricon Bus System electric buses revolutionizes the electric transport through the ability to run 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Hybricons electric buses meet all the requirements that public transport sets, and more.


Hybricon Bus Systems family of vehicles includes two series of buses – Hybricon Arctic Whisper (HAW Gen2) and Hybricon City Bus (HCB).


Unique characteristics of Hybricons’ buses


Energy efficiency

  • HAW buses are equipped with several energy saving systems
  • Hybricons energy control systems
  • Highly efficient wheel motors from the German manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg
  • Regeneration of the energy during braking
  • Highly efficient battery-, charging- and inverter systems
  • Well insulated passenger compartment
  • High performance insulating glass windows
  • Heat pumps to recover waste heat
  • Effective air curtains at door openings that prevent cold air to penetrate the bus
  • 100% pure electric heating, even at temperatures below -20 degrees Celsius


Ultra Fast Charging®



A HAW system means Ultra Fast Charging®. Ultra Fast Charging® is unique to the HAW system, and can be done in several ways. The picture shows the Oprid Busbaar® pantograph solution, a proven and reliable design.



Ultra Fast Charged® buses reduces the bus fleet size by 20-25% compared to normal fast charged buses, which takes 15 – 20 minutes to recharge for an hour of driving. With Ultra Fast Charging®,  three to five minutes of charging (even less during the summer) is enough for an hour of driving and heating of the bus.






HAW buses means modularization. The modular structure of the HAW family allows for “warm swap” – key components such as compressors, hydraulic pumps, chargers and inverters are replaced in a matter of minutes, thereby reducing maintenance and repair time and the need of garage spaces.



Telemetric monitoring



A HAW bus continously collects operating data which is transmitted via telemetry to a supervision unit. More than 200 vital operating parameters are monitored continuously – from the battery charge level to temperature in the passenger compartment. With access to this information, the services may be planned and vehicle uptime is maximized.


4 wheel drive (18 meters buses)



The unique four-wheel drive makes the HAW-buses use less tires than traditional articulated buses, while unsurpassed grip when slippery allows the buses to be less sensitive to unsuitable conditions.



The HAW buses’ modular design allows  the operator to select properties.


Battery system

  • Battery type
  • Battery capacity
  • Charging system, over-night charging or Ultra Fast Charging

Range Extender system

  • Biodiesel HAW Range Extender
  • The customer’s own choice of fuel for the Range Extender
  • Fuel cell-powered range extender when available (prel. 2016/17)

Efficiency Rate, with respect to

  • Environmental goals
  • Energy consumption
  • Operational costs

Adaptation to extreme climatic conditions through the climate system, such as

  • Electric heating
  • Heat pump
  • Diesel heater

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