Martin Rogersson


Born 1969. Chairman of the board since May 2018. Board member of Hybricon since March 2015.


Rogersson operates Ranriki whose main business is forest management. Rogersson has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm with focus on manufacturing. Rogersson has held, among others, the following positions; Project Manager Global Production, Atlas Copco RCE AB (2007 – 2009), Vice President of Global Production, Dynapac Group AB (2005 – 2007), Director of Purchasing for Business Line Compact Equipment, Volvo Construction Equipment, Konz, Germany (1999 – 2005) and Head of production & amp; Purchasing Business Unit Milk Transport, De Laval AB. Rogersson has extensive experience and knowledge, especially in industrial engineering processes such as supply chain and product improvement, as well as extensive insight in the procurement process within the large OEMs, particularly in the commercial vehicle industry.

Rogerssons office is at Källbacksvägen 6, SE-131 33 Nacka


Martin Rogersson has 127118 shares in Hybricon Bus System AB (publ)

Leif Herlitz


Born 1948. Board member of Hybricon since May 2017.

Leif Herlitz (Nyström) has a long experience of leading positions in companies that work in public transport and, among other things, has worked as CEO of Scania Bus Nordic AB. He holds a degree in economics and economics from Stockholm University, as well as a solid national market experience from long-term employment within the Scania organization. With this in mind, Leif Herlitz has many years of experience in liberalization in public transport by buses and procurement processes for both traffic managers and operators.

Leif Herlitz has 1800 shares in Hybricon Bus System AB (publ)

Erik Albinsson

Born 1961. Board member of Hybricon since May 2018. CFO since August 2019.

Erik has long experience of working as CEO and business leader for several engineering / industrial companies with international sales. Erik also has experience in the venture capital market. Erik also has a broad and solid experience which includes services such as Production Manager, Sales Manager and Logistics Manager.

Against this background, Erik has gained extensive experience in CEO board and ownership issues, generally management, operational leadership, strategy development, sales development and acquisition / divestment of companies.


Erik Albinsson has 17369 shares in Hybricon Bus System AB (publ)

Gert Norrevik

Born 1958. Board member of Hybricon since Nov. 2018.

Gert is a self-employed since 1982 in the wholesale industry, industrial supplies. Focusing on marketing, sales and logistics. Owner of Rozy Service AB, 559090-0345.

Gert Norrevik has
256407 shares in Hybricon Bus System AB (publ)

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