Legislation and corporate governance
The company’s business is based on the Companies Act and other relevant laws and regulations. The Company complies with the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.

Annual General Meeting
The General Meeting is the Company’s highest decision-making organ and the forum in which shareholders can influence over the Company. Each shareholder is entitled to attend and to vote for their shares at the meeting. A shareholder who can not personally attend the Meeting may exercise their rights through a representative.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held within six months before balancing the books. The Annual General Meeting are governed by the Companies Act. By voting at the Annual General Meeting decided, inter alia, on the composition and changes in the Articles of Association and other appropriate matters. The company’s shares are of the same kind.

Decisions made at the Annual General Meeting decided in accordance with the Companies Act regarding majority.

The Board of Directors and the auditors as well as members of management are normally present to answer questions.

The responsibilities
The Board is responsible for the Company’s organization and administration in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act and appoints the president. The Board meets at least five times annually.

Board Procedures
On May 12, 2021, the Board adopted the revised agenda for the Board and instructions for the CEO.

The Board’s Rules of Procedure specifies Board members’ information, the matters to be addressed and rules for board meetings. At the Company’s Board meetings including a number of fixed points that are present at each Board meeting, such as the approval of the minutes from the previous meeting, current business situation and financial reporting.

In addition, issues such as, and, where applicable, annual accounts, interim reports, budgets, liquidity and funding, and overall issues like strategy and business intelligence analysis.