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Hybricon Bus System delivers complete systems for electric public transportation in cities. Charging systems is a key component of these systems. Hybricon charging stations are prepared to be adapted to the upcoming Opcharge standard.


Hybricon Bus System configures your city´s zero emission, silent, energy- and cost efficiant transport system delivered at your needs and wishes. This means that the charging solutions offered extends from night charging scheme to Ultra Fast Charging®.



Hybricon Bus System offers charging outputs in the range of 300-900 kW. With Ultra Fast Charging®, the company can offer recharging times of a few minutes for a circulation, which leads to a situation where a bus using this technology can be charged while passengers get on and off at a bus stop.


The charging station is enclosed in a security container and can be placed in an urban environment if desired. The security containers feature an aesthetic outer casing which is adapted to the current environment.



Hybricons charging system is of course live only when a vehicle is connected for charging. The charging progress is meticulously monitored, and any error indication aborts the process.


Hybricon Bus System also supplies an accumulator enhanced version of charging stations for Ultra Fast Charging® in the output range 300 – 900 kW, which reduces the load on the grid to a third. With this technology, charging stations can be placed in urban environments where the power outlets in question could affect neighboring properties’ power supply.


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