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A transport system requires a working service and aftermarket detail to create the expected value for an operator.


Hybricon Bus System supplies the electric transport systems as turnkey projects – implementation, system delivery and service and aftermarket detail.


Electric buses, and transport systems based on these, are a relatively new phenomenon, and it is required that a number of commitments are met to ensure a functioning aftermarket detail. Hybricon Bus System handles this issue as follows:


System design

Hybricon Bus System has deliberately chosen to create a well modularized design in which this philosophy permeates the entire system is delivered. All functionality is encapsulated in well defined modules which in most cases can be replaced by well instructed staff in a minor amount of time. The replaced modules can then be submitted for review and possible repair by Hybricons or Hybricons partners specially trained technicians.



Another design stance has been to keep the number of moving parts in the modules to a minimum. In this way, two factors involved in this are minimized: Moving parts consume energy, and they wear out. This stanspoint thus helps to to keep the vehicles’ energy consumption as low as possible while creating more predictable service intervals.



The technology is not new in any way. Electric vehicles have been around for over a hundred years. What is new is the application, and the combination of system components.


The foundation of creating a working aftermarket system is therefore to train professionals with expertise in various relevant fields and to bring them the skills that are necessary to be able to apply their existing skills in a new field.


Within Hybricon Bus Systems, work is continously ongoing to educate the staff, and to attract competent partners that can perform the same tasks as Hybricon staff.


All unplanned operation distrubances are costly. Powerful built-in monitoring mechanisms is an essential part of the system design that allow an operator or a service organization to continuously monitor and assess when a service or a component replacement should be done. In this way, the operator can always plan the times when a vehicle is in service, and will not suffer from unpleasant surprises.



Scheduled maintenance

All components of a system has a life expectancy. Hybricon Bus System has taken this into account from the design phase. Every component has its individual maintenance schedule, which tells when they come up for renewal through renovation or replacement. (This is really nothing strange, we are all used to change the oil in our cars regularly.)


By these maintenance schedules, calculated or experience based service intervals are planned for every component of the system, which leads to service costs for the vehicles that are predictable at a very precise level.



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