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Hybricon Bus System has conducted research and development of energy-efficient transport solutions for future cities for a number of years, and possesses solid knowledge within the field.



The company’s expertise and existing, well-designed solutions implies that Hybricon Bus System is one of the world’s leading supplier of innovative solutions for energy efficient urban transport. During the years in real production we have gatherd a lot of know how regarding which parts of a vehicle that affect its energy efficiency and how these can be optimized.



Modern vehicles require modern systems. Hybricon Bus System has developed control systems for electric vehicles and systems for operational monitoring that are tailored to the requirements of modern vehicles.



A critical measure of a vehicle’s efficiency is the ratio between operating time and service / repair time. Hybricon has focused hard on maximizing the uptime of the vehicles included in the transport systems, which has led to a general design philosophy for key modules in vehicles and charging stations. With well-encapsulated modules and well-defined interfaces, “warm swap” can be performed, minimizing downtime.


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